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SMART ENTERTAINMENT GROUP (CANADA) - Apr 25, 2024 - Catching up with Peter and Paige Torkan and Brett Starke

Finally … a show that takes you into the lavish homes of Toronto .. with a little behind the scenes drama thrown in for good measure!

Welcome to Luxe Listings Toronto, a new unscripted series about the luxury real estate market in Toronto.

The series really portrays Toronto in such an incredible way that it’s hard to not pay attention. For anyone who loves a high-end real estate show, this is definite must-see! All episodes will be available on Prime Video on Fri, Apr 26, and this includes more than 240 countries around the world so our city will really be on display.

The series focuses on three agents. The first is married couple Peter & Paige Torkan who immigrated to Canada from Iran 25+ years ago and worked their way up to now selling more than 1.6B in luxury real estate. 

The second is Brett Starke who is a very successful millennial agent who has conquered the King Street market and is now looking to expand into Peter & Paige’s territory. Enter drama, sprawling estates with indoor swimming pools, spas, and doors that open with your fingerprint. It’s perfect escapism television.


I for one was truly excited when I  heard that this series was focusing on the city where I was born and raised. Being a huge fan of Luxe listing Sydney, I was not disappointed with the focus on Toronto, and if you know anything about the gorgeous homes in “The Six” you won’t be either!

Peter and Paige Torkan have a really interesting backstory. Originally from Tehran, Peter was educated in Europe before moving to settle in Canada. He met Paige in Iran, before moving and he knew he wanted to marry her. Eventually, he proposed long distance when he was in Canada and she was in Iran, and they were married over the phone (!). Once Paige’s paperwork came through, she joined him here. They worked their way up the banking/financial/real estate industry and are now Peter is Founder & Managing Partner and Paige is Broker of Record & Managing Partner at Team Torkan/The Agency Toronto. Together they have sold over 1.6B dollars in luxury real estate. Their story is quite inspiring, and you can really see how much they love each other and enjoy working together.

Brett Starke represents a younger generation who is making it their mission to top the real estate market. He is a millennial go-getter who runs The Starke Group, an on-the-rise real estate venture based downtown. Brett’s philosophy on real estate includes leadership, community building, accountability, and charity (he’s extremely involved in the Junior Achievement program in Ontario). His team has more than 200 5-star Google Reviews. As a child, his family moved around so much, and they always used a realtor which fascinated him and eventually led him to work in the field. He also spent three years in the Army Reserves after 9/11 feeling the importance of serving after such a tragic event.

I caught up with Peter Torkan, Paige Torkan, and Brett Starke to get the “411” on real estate in and around Toronto and how on earth they managed to get around in the city’s traffic

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