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Realty Team Uses Edgy Marketing To Sell Unit

It isn’t often that a downtown Toronto condo sits on the market for three months, but that’s exactly what happened with an Entertainment District unit. Unable to sell, the owners brought in the Starke Realty Team. Known for marketing that appeals to hip urbanites, Starke Realty Team’s motto is “Not your mom and dad’s Real Estate Agentrs.” To sell the unit at 10 Morrison St., the team shot a video capturing the glamour that typifies the neighbourhood. Sipping champagne with friends in her new condo, a young woman then goes for a stroll to enjoy the bustling street’s amenities.
 The team also used Geowarehouse to confirm both the neighbourhood’s demographics and its congregants’ mores. According to Brett Starke, Geowarehouse confirmed exactly what the team sees daily outside of their King St. brokerage office. “We wanted to advertise to the people who are potentially going to purchase this unit,” he said. “When you look at the Geowarehouse demographic, it shows that the number one consumer right here is called ‘younger city singles.’ One of their main core values is that they have sexual permissiveness. It says that on Geowarehouse.
It gives you a sample value. We go on to look more on the Geowarehouse stats and it says online dating is very popular. Looking good on the social scene is very important. These are the kinds of people who are moving into the neighbourhood and who already live here, so we’re trying to make a lifestyle film that markets to them. We looked at the most liked Instagram pictures in the area and it’s all very similar stuff.” Starke extols Geowarehouse because of how accurate the demographical statistics are.
The last video the Starke Realty Team shot was family-oriented because it was a reflection the neighbourhood in which the unit they were selling was located. What’s clear, though, is that the team isn’t afraid to shake up how things are done in the real estate industry—which is, unsurprisingly, conservative—perhaps indicating that a sea change is on the horizon. “It’s not like we just decided to use these women for no reason,” said Starke. “It was all very calculated. We thought we were going to get more flak and more pushback, but we haven’t gotten any because people know this is what King St. is.”

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